Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got you covered. Please find our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here. 

What is the Workplace Happiness Index for 2020?

The happiness index will be released before 31st December 2020 after the data has been gathered and analysed. Do register for the webinar session to learn more about the results findings!

Why is Align Group organising this survey?

The year 2020 has been particularly difficult for many of us. Employees are facing high amount of work stress, the state of mental health has gotten worse, retrenchment continue to rise and unemployment rates are not improving. The impact of Covid-19 has been far too disastrous on the lives of many.

To get through this crisis, we believe that it is through unity – where people come together and help one another – that determines whether or not we survive as a nation. As such, with us being a company with a mission focused on advocating positivity at work, we would like to share some practical recommendations that will help you improve your well-being during this trying times. If you like the recommendations, please help spread the word and share this survey with your friends!

Why am I only given 4 recommendations to work on?

Fewer goals helps people to be more focused on getting the desired results and hence achieve better outcomes. Therefore, our report provides only 4 recommendations on areas we think you could start working on to help boost your happiness at work.

I would like to embark on a Workplace Happiness Survey for my company. How can I go about doing it?

We got a great news for you. From now till 14 December, we are giving away free Workplace Happiness Survey analysis for your company! Provide us with your details through the following link and our consultants will reach out to you within 3 working days.

What factors should I work on assuming that I had worked on and achieved satisfaction on the 4 recommendations given. 

If some time has passed, we recommend that you take the survey again to get an overview of your current experiences at work. Having improved on some factors may also influence the experience of other factors (e.g. enhancing the experience of “teamwork” may influence “personal bond” and “gratitude”). So to be sure that you are targeting the right area to pinpoint your effort to work on next, do the survey again.

Who will know my result? 

We will never report your individual responses to others, except for research purposes and in those cases, your responses will be de-identified such that your results will not include your name or email address. Kindly refer to our Privacy Policy (link at the bottom of the page) for more information.

How securely is my data being stored on the server?

Our survey is hosted on Typeform. For more information on the compliance and security measures taken by Typeform, kindly refer to this link.

I did not receive my report, what should I do? 

Kindly alert [email protected] for assistance.