Shaping Positive Culture

Turn your culture into a competitive advantage.

Customers will never love a company

until the employees love it first.

Simon Sinek


The simplest definition of culture is “the way we do things here.”

Positive culture is about the way things are being done brings about positivity – a sense of happiness, engagement, authentic relationship, meaning and accomplishment.

Companies that suffer from a lack of positive culture often realise that the efficacy of their strategic plan held back by members of their team no matter how strong that plan is.

Are your strategic initiatives being brought down because of your company’s culture?

Strategy to Reduce Cost

You want employees to engage in cost-cutting measures. However, the usual lack of transparency on expense information meant that the staff do not know if their efforts amount to any achievements. They eventually gave up.

Strategy To Innovate

You want employees to innovate solutions. However, the frequent reprimanding of even minor mistakes reduces the motivation to experiment and continues to reinforce the mindset that adherence to the status quo is the best course of action.

Strategy to Drive Performance

You want excellent performance. However, good performers are not recognised while poor performers face no penalties. Together, it makes employees wonder what is the meaning behind giving their best at work.

Culture impacts business results

Contribution to top-line growth

91% of executives agree that improving corporate culture improves value and profitability by encouraging desired behaviours including creativity, greater risk tolerance, or honest feedback. It also directly increases productivity (Grahem et al., 2015) .

Damage to bottom line growth

84% of executives believe poor culture increased the chance that an employee might do something unethical or illegal (Grahem et al, 2015).

Alignment with organisational culture is one of the top drivers of workplace happiness yet it is a frequent factor that companies are lacking. (Align Group Workplace Happiness Survey, N=1027, 2019).

Align Group’s

Shaping Positive Culture Framework

Our trained coach will partner you in a culture shaping journey, supporting you to nurture positive mindsets and trigger the desired behaviours that reflect the organisation’s mission, vision and values.

Positive Culture shaping efforts becomes powerful when

  1. The management team has a strong understanding of the existing culture.
  2. There is alignment throughout the company and a desire to move towards a positive culture.
  3. The change initiatives are powered by positivity and leaders are guided with immersive coaching.
  4. There is dedicated effort to embed a positive culture into the company’s DNA.

Align all your people processes and workplace initiatives to start nurturing a positive culture

We partner with our clients and take a holistic approach to help them shape culture.

Below are examples of initiatives we may do during the engagement period:


Understand the current state and get insights on opportunities for improvement.

Appreciative Inquiry

“Inquire” into the company’s strengths, possibilities, and successes to search for the best in people and their organisation for the desired outcome.

Immersive Coaching

Partnering with the leaders to implement and achieve their desired goals in co-architecting the organisation’s culture.

Employee Engagement

Brand and communicate the initiatives in a clear, easy to understand, nicely packaged manner to align all employees.

Leadership Development

Equip your leaders with key concepts needed to embody and sustain the new positive culture,


Gamify the culture change initiatives to add fun and laughter that helps to create long lasting positive experiences for sustainable results.

Shape A Positive Culture

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Shaping Positive Culture