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Enterprise Development Grant

How to use Enterprise Development Grant to improve your HR

If you are an Small Medium Enterprise (SME) in Singapore wanting to scale your business but have a tight budget, then you have to know what the Enterprise Development Grant is about.


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Right Resources For Employees
After hiring the right people into your company, the next step is to drive these employees to excel in their capabilities by providing adequate resources. The following are some examples you can consider:
Difficult Conversations
Handling difficult conversation can be emotionally draining. But it does not have to be that way. Learn the step-by-step guide to overcome this challenge.
Enterprise Development Grant
Pay as low as 20% of the project fees to transform your HR with EDG. Deadline for maximum support level is until end March 2022, don’t miss out on this!
Despite the setbacks, we found that the Singapore’s overall workplace happiness score is 68 out of 100, a sharp increase from 59 in 2014.
Have you ever wondered what makes a talent great? Here’s the formula: Right Talents = High Performance + Overall Fit.
6 Key Differences Between HR and HR Business Partner The typical duties of Human Resources in a SME are largely administrative, such as recruitment, handling employee relations, doing payroll and facilitating performance management. However, if your HR department do just that, you are likely to realise the gap between what they do and how the […]
We have no means to defy the accuracy of fortune-telling or tarot readings. However, we would recommend bosses and business owners to be more practical in knowing the reasons behind your high turnover rate.
Do work from home and flexible hours really work? Let’s start with what exactly they are. They fall under a bigger umbrella called Flexible Work Arrangements(FWA) which are an alternate form of work schedule different from the usual business hours. Types of flexible working arrangements include “flexible time” and “flexible location”.
HOPE is a positive motivational state where an individual sets realistic, yet challenging goals and then strives to accomplish these goals through self-directed determination and energy.
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